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Let me know what you think of the new watermark on the images. After my fairly big meltdown over someone stripping the caption and using the post to promote their own blog, I felt I had to do SOMETHING. As the size of the image can vary quite a bit as well as the size of the caption (the most recent story went onto the fifth page in Word), putting the incestious text on the image itself wasn’t really feasible. I came up with this solution, but am not married to it yet. Still playing around with sizing and font. I want something clear, but something that won’t detract from the image. Let me know what you think, and if you have any other ideas.

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I leaned forward a little more and chewed on my pinkie, feigning rapt attention on my son’s story. He had lost his train of thought several times and could NOT stop openly staring at my tits. One of these days he will give in to what he must be feeling and take me. One day I will feel his hands upon me. His lips upon mine, our bodies singing a duet of flesh and desire. But until he’s ready, I will have my fun here, watching him squirm as I display myself for him.

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"OH SHIT! Sorry, I…"

"Don’t be sorry, Uncle." I said, walking closer to him, my breasts bouncing with every step. "My mom and dad are asleep, and you came down to raid the fridge, am I right?"

"why are you…" he started before I reached out and seized the ever-growing bulge in his pants. The words died in his throat as I stared deeply into his eyes,

"You aren’t the only one who wants their belly filled tonight, so what do you say, my dear uncle?" A grin spread across my face as I slowly lowered his zipper and fished his cock out of his pants.

"Fuck yes" he groaned out as I sank to my knees and took him deep into my mouth

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Guess who’s back

As you can see by the long-ass story below, I am back. I can’t promise that I’ll have a story like that for you every single day, but I’ll be able to post something more than once every six months, which I was at beforehand. I still have a few viewer submissions in the can, and I’ll get to those soon, but for now, take comfort that I’m back, and I will be resuming production shortly.

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NOTE: Face edited out due to request

I stared at my phone for the longest time before texting her back.

"Looks great. You’ll really knock him dead"

"You sure?" she responded a few moments later. I thought about it for a little bit, choosing my words carefully. I looked over the picture once again. I took in those curves, studied how the outfit fit her, and for the briefest instant, imagined myself wrapping one of those chains around my hand and giving a good yank, bringing her closer to me, our lips  hair’s width apart… and then I shook myself, dismissing the thought. I let out a breath to calm myself and opened up a new reply.

"You look absolutely gorgeous. If you are turning ME on, then loverboy has absolutely no chance."

"THX BRO! You’re the best <3" came the reply. I set the phone down on my knee and stared at it for a moment. It buzzed again a few moments later, and I picked it up to see a new message from her.

"… First time I’ve sent you a pic like that. Hope it wasn’t weird. LOL."

Oh, it was weird. Weird as hell, but then, so was I. I replied telling her that it wasn’t and that she worries too much, and sat back again, alone with my thoughts. My sister and I had always been close, and we valued each other’s opinions. Whenever she went out on a date, she liked to get my approval on her outfit. I happened to be at work, or else she would have simply called me into her room. But at that moment, I was glad that the distance separated us, or else I might have done something that would have changed things between us. See, for the past few years, I had been harboring a secret crush on my sis. At first, I was disgusted at myself, but as time had gone on, I got more and more used to the thoughts. Now I just settled for dating OTHER short girls who favored punk-esque hair. None of them lasted long. The last one made a huge was doomed from the start, as she had a name that was one letter off from my sister’s. Didn’t last long, but we managed to embed my headboard into the wall so deep it required a visit from a contractor. Anyway, I was quite comfortable in the current state of affairs. And this new development with her being comfortable enough to ask my opinion on the more risqué clothing choices, I didn’t see any point in rocking the boat.

My sister’s date must have gone well, as she didn’t come home that night. She walked in about noontime the next day, when our Dad was off at work, and I was having a sandwich at the table, yet to be off to my retail slave holding tank. She carried her shoes over her shoulder and a long black coat. I noted that she was wearing the choker from the picture. Evidently, that outfit wasn’t being saved for AFTER the date.

"Well, look at you" I tossed out at her, smirking. "I take it he approved?"

"What gives you that idea?" she asked with a laugh, putting her free hand on her hip while cocking them to one side.

"Seems that it has once again proven that I am not as dumb as I look, Baby sis."

"Well, the driver of your short bus may disagree with that"

"OH HA. HA. HA."

Satisfied with her retort, she dumped her shoes and purse on the table and leaned over to kiss me on the top of my head and ruffle my hair. I reached over and hugged what I could reach, which turned out to be just her arm, but even then, being that close to her made my heart race.

"You’re way better looking than MOST idiots, anyway, so you’ve got that going for you" she said, slipping her arm out of the way before the mock-punch I threw could connect. She sashayed her way down the hall and upstairs to her bathroom, happy with her upper hand.

"And maybe I shouldn’t have taken that advice" I heard her call out from behind the corner. "Jerk ripped the bra and kept the panties. You have no idea how awkward it is walking across a parking lot in nothing but a coat and a smile."

I froze halfway into my sandwich, butterflies doing backflips like I was a kid who just realized he was one exit away from Disney World. I leaned over in my chair and peered down the hall. I saw one pale foot moving just out of sight up the stairs, and a moment later, I heard the bathroom door close. After that, I heard the water start running. It took me that long for my brain to calm down after seeing my sister’s coat, carefully folded and draped over the railing. The alarm on my phone went off, shocking me out of my fugue state and telling me it was time to get going for my shift.

As I drove in, thoughts kept rolling around my head. Was it possible that she had the same feelings I had? If not, what was with the sudden change? Why tease me like she just had? The coat was deliberately placed, not just thrown down. She had lingered in that spot. Nude. Feet from me. Add on to that the fact that she had never gone THAT far in showing me her outfits. Sure, I had seen my fair share of her in stockings, low cut tops and the occasional short skirt, riding up just a bit too high and showing off the pale ivory flesh of her leg, begging to be felt, my rough hands caressing them and as I knelt down, those smooth, soft legs parting as I took in that forbidden fragrance, my mouth watering as I began to move in closer. My tongue extending and tasting my sister, planting one long lick across her… I swerved back onto the road, my imagination getting the better of me for an instant. I pulled into the parking lot of my store and wished to be anywhere but.

Close to the end of my shift, in which I was distracted by questions I hoped were based more in reality than I feared, I checked my phone to find a text from my sister.

"Seeing the boyface again tonite. May be gone when you get back"

Disappointed, I texted back my wishes that she had fun and was safe. I spent the remainder of my night imagining the kinds of things my sister and her toy could be up to at that moment. But a nagging thought kept eating at me. On my way to the car, I realized what it was. I opened a new message.

"What, no outfit pic? After the last one turned out so well, I’d think that you’d want my opinion"

The drive home was lonely, and when I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that my sister’s car was still there. Confused, I shut my door as my phone made my pocket jingle.

"That’d be kind of hard to do with what I have planned, actually"

"How come?" came my Shakespearean reply as I walked into the house.

Dad had gone to bed, but the lights were oddly dim for someone still being awake in the house. As I made my way up the stairs, my phone chimed again. I heard a small little squeak from my sister’s room as I went to check it.

"You’d have to be wearing something to have an outfit."

I looked to my sister’s bedroom door, and it was as if a dam broke in my head. I knew what was behind that door, and with one sentence, I had just gotten confirmation on my suspicions. I didn’t bother putting my phone in my pocket I just dropped it where I stood, seized the knob and opened the door. 

My sister was standing in the middle of her room. Her hair had been done up in a fauxhawk, and that was all she had done. She had not been lying to me in that text. She stood posing with her hands behind her back and her legs crossed in a playful “I’m so innocent” look. Her nipples were erect and capped off her perfect, teardrop shaped breasts. Her skin was creamy white and covered in goosebumps. Her lips were red and parted enough in a wide grin. I could smell her excitement in the air mixed with the subtler scent of her soap. She twisted and turned, slightly, but her eyes never left mine.

"So, brother. Do you think my…" was all she got out. 

I took to giant steps into the room, grasped her by the shoulders and threw her to the bed.

"ENOUGH" I yelled, looking down at her, confusion spreading across her face and worry in those beautiful pale blue eyes.

"I’m…" she started to stammer, backing up on her elbows, but I cut her off once again.

"ENOUGH. TEASING." I said through gritted teeth as I undid my belt and cracked it like a whip. I undid my pants and dropped them to the floor. 

My sister’s smile returned, and she inched closer to me. I moved towards her, stepping out of my pants and sliding my underwear down to join them. My cock stood out in front of me. Thick and hard, guiding my way. I looked down at my sister and grasped her hips with both hands. I pulled her closer to me, guiding my erection to her moist opening. I looked her square in the eyes and bucked my hips. I sunk into her, engulfing the length of my cock in liquid fire. Her eyes fluttered in pleasure, threatening to roll into the back of her head, but we never broke eye contact. A gasp of surprise escaped her lips as I pulled her into me, burying myself in more of that moist, yielding flesh.

"ENOUGH TEASING" I groaned as our hips collided. I began to rock back and forth as my sister moved against me, wrapping her legs around my back to help support our coupling. She squirmed in my arms, and sighs of both satisfaction and pleasure escaped her. I closed my eyes, reveling in the sensations as I took everything I had ever wanted. Her hot, wet pussy fit my cock like a glove, perfectly conforming to it. The sound of our pounding echoed around us, wet and sticky. I felt her quiver as I held her, moving her hips in time with my own. She pushed herself up on her arms and met my thrusting with her own, her breasts jiggling wildly with every slap of our hips. Her moans were fuel for my fire.

She tried to get full sentences out, but our lust overpowered them all. Phrases like “hiding this for years…” and “…realized my feelings” washed over me, jumbled and irrelevant. Words like “Harder” and “faster, you bastard” only served to instruct my body, which had taken over of its own accord. My mind had been consumed by the fundamental wrongness of what we were doing, and it had only one thought that it transmitted to the rest of me. The one thing that drove me as I slid my rock-hard length into the willing body of my sister. “More”

She reared up off the bed and wrapped her arms around my neck. Our lips met and we devoured each other anew. I turned toward the wall and slammed her against it. Pictures fell like dominoes, and I distantly heard breaking glass. It didn’t matter as each new thrust upward was met by a low, husky groan from the sibling in my arms. Dimly, I heard buttons clatter against the floor as she tore at my shirt, her nails leaving white-hot trails across my skin.

"ENOUGH TEASING" I told her in between kisses. I am not sure if the "Yes" she followed it with was in confirmation that she understood, or merely her showing appreciation for the act we were engaged in. Our lips parted and mine found her neck. I tasted her skin. Soft, supple and beaded with sweat. My teeth grazed her, and by the gasp and shiver that followed, she enjoyed it. I sucked and nibbled at her flesh as I kept up the thrusting, rattling the walls with our incestuous coupling.

Everything was a blur, but when she came, it threw everything into sharp relief. I moved to kiss her, and she devoured me between her moans. Her body shook like an earthquake, and the muscles in her pussy convulsed against me as if desperate to bring me in closer. That was what set me off. I groaned out loud , took my sister in my arms and turned to the bed again. I slammed her down at the apex of her orgasm, and she immediately started writhing beneath me. I thrust my hips one final time and unloaded deep into her. I came so hard that bright white lights exploded behind my eyelids, and it was all I could do to keep from screaming. My sister lay limp in my arms as gallon upon gallon of brotherly cum pumped into her. I collapsed, falling into my sister’s arms and blackness took me.

I awoke with my sister gently stroking my hair. I looked up at her and kissed her gently. We smiled, both enjoying the moment and each other for a few minutes before we parted, my sister standing up and walking around to the mirror.

"So, I DO still have that date tonight. I’m totally going to dump his ass, but he deserves one last ride, I think. How do you feel about some guy riding me with a pussy full of my brother’s cum?"

I couldn’t answer. I just smiled, lay back down on my sister’s bed and laughed.

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Oof. You scare me when you overreact to the tumblr stealer... And turn me on too ;)
Anonymous asked

Really, the reason I am so upset is because of WHICH picture was stolen. See, it came from the tumblr of a camgirl that I have occasionally popped in upon, but I follow her on tumblr, where I have gotten to know her personality a little, and I like her. She is fun to follow for her opinions and text posts alone, let alone her photos, which are both amazingly hot and super geeky. I don’t believe in “fake geek girls”, but there are people who are geekier than others. She is quite up there in the geek pantheon. She knows her stuff. See, geek is just having an intense love of something silly. She loves what she does for a living and she can just  be herself. I love that kind of person. Hell, it’s not like I’ve said a single word to this camgirl. We aren’t friends. But I respect her as a person.

Defame me all you want. take my posts and remove the caption, add your own, put sself promotion on it. I won’t go to war. Call me a pervert, a sinner, a dreg of society who will amount to nothing, sitting alone in the back room of his parent’s house as he struggles to make enough money to move out. Tell me to commit suicide. Show me exactly why I am a loser. Do your worst to me, I can take it. but don’t you fucking DARE take the image of someone I respect and use that for your gains. In the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing. But to me, it’s cause for war.

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  1. Jilliciouscaptions said: Part of the perils of writing incest captions as text under the picture. Put the text on the picture and people can’t remove it.
  2. Yes, and that works for the smaller captions, but when I write stories exceeding two pages in word, that would get complicated to put in an image, especially if tumblr resizes it, and what was legible once is now an incomprehensible blob
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I have a mission for you. send an ask to Tumblr scumbag reallygoodamateur27. This account took one of my captions and stripped the caption, leaving a url in it’s place. I want you to shame them. Do your absolute worst. I want them to have to delete both accounts (the one who reblogged it and the one they are linking to) on account of so much hate mail. I do not condone anyone telling them to commit suicide, but everything else is fare game. SHAME THEM OFF OF TUMBLR. Tell them to remove post #73406490759 and then themselves. GO, MY MINIONS. DO THIS FOR ME AND TELL THEM THAT I SENT YOU.

EDIT: Okay, they don’t have their ask box open. thinking up a new plan that does NOT invlove reblogging the image, as that’s all they want. hang on.

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One final call

I am sending out one final call for submissions. I will be posting the user submitted photos and captions soon, and if you want to submit your photo in to this event, now’s your chance. My plan is to post them today, but they should be out by next Friday if what was a simple caption becomes a novella, which usually happens. Anyway, if you want to take part in this, but can’t take a picture YET, go ahead and send me a message and say you are going to and tell me to wait. You can remain anonymous.

Man or woman, young or old, fat or thin. Clothed or nude. I don’t care who you are, as long as I get to see you.

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Easily the best thing I’ll ever post on here

(Source: theincestgirl)

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I took the picture and told my boyfriend that it was to send later when he needed a pick-me-up. He got all smiley and kissed me. He left soon after that, but I had already sent the picture. Not to him, but to my Brother. He was racing home even now, to show me why I don&#8217;t need to go elsewhere for my fix of cock. Silly boy, he thinks it&#8217;s him that&#8217;s in charge. He just fucks so much better when he thinks he has something to prove. 

I took the picture and told my boyfriend that it was to send later when he needed a pick-me-up. He got all smiley and kissed me. He left soon after that, but I had already sent the picture. Not to him, but to my Brother. He was racing home even now, to show me why I don’t need to go elsewhere for my fix of cock. Silly boy, he thinks it’s him that’s in charge. He just fucks so much better when he thinks he has something to prove. 

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"Pull over." Mom said as she looked into my eyes, a relieved look on her face.

I pulled over and listened to the car click down. I was grateful for the excuse to do so. We had been driving without goal for the past half hour. The adrenaline was wearing off, and I was starting to calm down. I looked around us and saw an empty stretch of back road that I didn’t recognize. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back and listened to my heart beat.

"You’re shaking." My mother said, notes of concern in her voice. I opened my eyes and looked down at my hands. She was right. They were trembling like a leaf. I guess that sort of thing happens when you steal your abusive father’s car after you can stand him no longer. Slamming his head into the wall as he held a knife to your mother’s throat probably didn’t help, either.

"Well, what do you expect, ma? I’ve been driving like a lunatic since we left and I have no idea where we are or where we’re going to go. Thank you for coming with me, by the way."

"YOU thanking ME?" She said, turning an eyebrow up at me as she did. "I’ve been looking for a way to leave him since before you were born. I just could never get the guts to do it. Or the cash together to make it happen,  mean, it’s not like I—I—I’m babbling, aren’t I?"

"Nah" I lied. "I figure we can call the cops on him and crash at a hotel for a few days while we let things cool down."

"That was very brave of you"

I looked at my mother and met her eyes. They were shining with tears, but I was noticing how bright and alive they were for the first time. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It might have been the adrenaline or being greatful at the situation, but it did not feel like a kiss shared between a mother and son. To my surprise, I felt myself returning the kiss, my arm wrapping around and pulling her closer. Thoughts I has believed I had long-since grown out of came bubbling up to the surface. My other was a beautiful woman. So kind and loving. For a long time, she was the only good thing in my life. I had feelings for her that I always knew weren’t normal, and I dealt with them as best I could, but now here we were, locked in a tight, one-armed embrace. I felt my other’s tongue on my lips and parted them to let it through. She threw herself into the kiss, and my thoughts became clouded. Here in my arms was the object of so many forbidden desires. Here in my arms was the one who protected me when i was too weak to do so myself. Here in my arms was the woman I cherished over all others. My mother. The woman who—


I realized what I was doing and broke the kiss, pushing us apart. I felt a thin strip of fabric trail out of my fingers, indicating that I had undone her bra. As I pushed her away, I saw that her eyes were closed and a lazy smile was on her face. She didn’t look shocked.

"I’m sorry" I stammered out, trying to hide the massive erection I was sporting. "I shouldn’t have…"

"Yes you should have" she interrupted. She was looking at me. Eyes clear and bright, not a trace of regret or doubt in them. She lay a soft, gentle hand on my cheek and looked into my eyes. "I want it, too." she said, and with that, she slid her dress up over her head.

I sat in stunned silence as she undid my belt, her motherly smile replaced by a look of confidence and desire. I realized that I couldn’t fight this even if I wanted to, so I slid my pants down to my ankles. The instant my cock was free, my mother wrapped her warm, tender hand around it. Electricity arced between us, and I drew my breath in sharply in a hiss. Slowly, she began to slide her hand up and down the length of my shaft. Even with no lubrication, it slid easily. My eyes rolled back into my skull as I slumped in the car seat. I released my breath in a low, guttural growl of pleasure and I heard a satisfied little sound escape my mother’s lips.

Time lost all meaning as I sat there with my mother jacking me off. she sped the pace up until I lost all sense of where her hand was upon me. I was lost in a world of tactile pleasure when she started talking to me. 

"Oh yeah, my big, strong boy. You are so hard for mommy, look at you. She’s got her work cut out for her if she’s going to make her baby cum, isn’t she?" I had to bite my tongue and concentrate to not blow my load right there. I groaned as a response and it drew a laugh from her "Ohhhh yeah, He likes his mother stroking his cock, doesn’t he?" But I thin I know what he’ll like even better…"

My eyes flew open, and I looked up in enough time to see my mother leaning forward and wrapping her lips around my cock. As her tongue circled the head,and a low hum sent shivers down my spine, I lost it. I couldn’t help it, and I let loose a yell as my orgasm shot through me. My hand wrapped in my mother’s hair and kept her on my cock as she greedily swallowed every shot. I heard someone screaming and was dimly aware that it was me. Shot after shot of jizz ripped out of my cock in the most intense orgasm of my life. Each spasm feeling like a gunshot as the woman who gave birth to me took it all with a smile on her face.

I slumped back, my head swimming. I watched as my mother sat up, my load painting her chin and dripping down onto her chest. I stared at her, wordlessly.

"So, you mentioned something about a hotel?"

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ALRIGHT, PEOPLE. I’m in a good mood tonight, so I’ll start with the porn, but I have two announcements

ONE) I got the second user submitted photo, and I will be saving it for a special event I am planning. I would like some more, however. This current one was clothed, so if nudity isn’t your thing, don’t worry about it. I’d like to do a user submission week, but posting them all on one day would probably be just as good. I’ll keep the submit box open for the rest of the month, so send me yourselves. they will be 100% private unless otherwise noted.

TWO) I’ll be on kik while I write. If you want to chat, hit me up. Username is Jimcest.